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About Civically Engaged Districts

Civically Engaged Districts are nurturing spaces for youth voice and engagement.

In Civically Engaged Districts, inquiry, interaction and the exchange of ideas create an environment in which all perspectives are heard and valued.


Civic action research is the catalyst, bringing young people into contact with all parts of the school community as they conduct, share and act upon their research.


Youth researchers learn from and about people from across the school community, going beyond the classroom and familiar peer groups. They share their findings with peers, teachers and district leaders, expanding community understandings and informing school practices.



About Civic Action Research

Civic action research - closely related to youth participatory action research (YPAR) - is youth-led, classroom-based research on issues selected by and of concern to young people. Youth researchers choose a focus, conduct original research in their schools and communities, share what they've learned and take action.

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